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Blog New Year, New Look: Refurbish Your Shop for 2019 It would be fair to say that 2018 has been a tough year for the High Streets of the UK. View More Shopfitting for the festive season Christmas and Boxing Day sales are right around the corner, which means your shop needs to be in top condition to make the most of the season. View More 3 common shopfitting mistakes you're making that turn away customers In modern society, a closed down shop with boarded up windows is an all-too-common sight. View More Shopfitting tips for improving sales Many shops shut down every month because they’re unable to make enough money to stay in business. View More Choosing the right interior design style for your shop When it comes to shops, appearance is everything. It's what initially draws the customer in. View More Air conditioning means happy customers Here in the UK we are currently in the grip of a heatwave, and it doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. View More The importance of visual appeal and the retail outlet Recent news headlines have stated that some of the biggest names on our high streets are struggling. View More The minimalist modern makeover Remember the shops of your childhood? Sweet shops with jars stacked on shelves up to the ceiling. View More Shopfitting skills for the future of retail Much of shop fitting hinges on providing customers with the best possible retail experience. View More Vinyl flooring solutions for an attractive retail environment Are you in need of a quality affordable flooring solution to add that all-important aesthetic touch to your shopfront? View More 5 reasons proper health and safety is vital in shopfitting Although it might be dull or boring to some, proper health and safety is extremely important in any work environment. View More The strong high street and the retail experience The high street and city centre retail outlets have seen fluctuating performances in recent years. View More Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers! Here at AK Shopfitting and Carpentry, we've had a good year, thanks to all our customers, and we hope they've all done well too. View More How a good office environment will impact your staffs productivity levels It can often surprise people how much an office design, colour, and products within your office can impact your staff's productivity and retention levels. View More Wood flooring options: pros and cons When choosing a new design or updated palette for a store, one part of the redesign that's easily overlooked. View More Changes to keep Christmas sales bells jingling When you realise that Selfridges opened its Christmas shop in August, it’s a sure sign that it's high time to keep your own retail outlet or showroom on track. View More The Impact of Instagram on Shop Fittings in the Digital Age Although you might think construction and design have nothing to do with one of the world's top three most popular social media platforms, think again. View More Getting your background music right Music is an important retail tool, but it can also be the kiss of death. View More The importance of choosing the right lighting for your retail space There are many aspects that are important for your retail space, including the materials that are used, layout and colour scheme. View More The benefits of ducted air conditioning for your store An air conditioning system could be of great benefit to your retail outlet or business premises. View More Why you shouldn't leave shopfitting to chance We know how important the image and layout of a shop is to customers. View More The benefits of suspended ceilings High ceilings make rooms difficult to light, difficult to heat and, worst of all, difficult to work in. View More It's time for a new look for your retail premises... 2017 has well and truly begun; January is almost over, the Christmas decorations are away and the first snowfall of the year has landed in parts of the UK. View More Merry Christmas from all of us at AK Shopfitting & Carpentry! We've had a busy season leading up to Christmas, with many of our retail customers updating their signage, point of sale displays View More The importance of good signage on a busy retail street It is fast approaching the time of year when the high street becomes rammed with shoppers. View More Keeping your shop kitted out, post-Brexit Brexit may mean Brexit, as you've no doubt heard, but it is important not to let the uncertainty of the current political climate get the better of your shop. View More Thinking about flooring options for your retail premises If you are considering how best to floor, or re-floor, your premises, you'll have a range of possible options to consider. View More Creating the ideal retail space for customers with AC It’s common knowledge among retailers that your products are only ever as enticing as the environment in which you’re selling them View More Benefits of an office refit on staff recruitment and retention The working environment has a big impact on its staff. It can influence how productive and motivated they are, but it even plays a part in staff recruitment View More How to choose the best lighting for your retail space When designing a new retail space, a lot of thought goes into fittings, flooring and even the colours you use on your walls. View More How to choose the right colours for your shop design When choosing the colours for your shop design, you might be thinking about which colour scheme looks good to customers and best represents your brand. View More 3 key tips for a successful office refurbishment If your business has taken on a building which needs work, there are three key things you can do to create a modern office space for your staff. View More The importance of health and safety in the workplace Health and safety is an important element of any construction project, including shopfitting work, and this needs to take into account. View More Keeping retail spaces comfortable all year round As a retailer, you'll know that having the right products is only half the battle. View More Make sure your bar stays ahead of the pack with a fantastic facelift! With more than 10,000 pubs in the UK closing their doors since 2006 and wine having recently overtaken beer. View More A new year and a whole new look With 2015 almost over and the new year approaching fast, many company owners will be turning their thoughts toward what the coming year may bring for them. View More How to choose the right flooring for your commercial space Do you love the look of wooden flooring? A good quality wooden floor can make a great first impression on visitors to your retail outlet, office or public building. View More What do you hear in the words ‘health and safety’? We know that, for some folk, the very words can be like a red rag to the proverbial bull. View More Taking the worry out of a refit Do you feel that your business could benefit from a refurbishment? View More The importance of a quality shop fit out In a punishing financial environment, in which even some of the leading high street retailers have been struggling to achieve healthy profits View More How to hide the pipes and wires on your shop ceiling So you've found the ideal unit for your retail venture. It's the perfect size and shape, in a great location for customer footfall and the overheads aren't too high. View More For old or new walls, dry lining is the answer Whether you want a simple facelift for your business premises or a total redesign of your space, dry lining new and existing walls is the perfect way View More Metal frame ceilings give added polish If you want a truly stunning finish for your shop, restaurant or bar in Somerset, you might want to consider a metal frame (MF) ceiling. View More Fit for purpose Here at AK Shopfitting and Carpentry, we work closely with all our clients, from conception through to project completion. View More Looking for the best shopfitters in Taunton? Try AK If you are searching for shopfitters in Taunton, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. View More Optimise your retail space in Somerset with a suspended ceiling As anyone with a studio, workshop, shop, or other retail premises knows, first impressions count. In fact, facing stiff competition from e-commerce View More Shopfitters in Somerset bring expertise to your projects If you’re an aspirational business that’s got ambitious plans for growth, it’s often tempting to look to London or even abroad. View More
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